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Tracking Hurricane Irma

All eyes are on the skies and satellites as Hurricane Irma blasts across the Caribbean and towards the coast of Florida on September 9. The largest storm ever witnessed, Irma is being tracked by agencies around the globe.

The ABCs of Round Gallery

Do you know your ABCs? Tomorrow is September 5th, and back to school time! Each day over the next 26 days we'll reveal new Round images that represent each letter of the alphabet. What will be the first letter? You'll have to be here to see.

The Solar Eclipse 2017

If you were lucky enough to reside in a diagonal zone crossing the US from Salem, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina on Monday, August 21, 2017, you were able to observe a total solar eclipse.

The Roundest Star Ever

Stars are not perfect spheres owing to centrifugal force. But there’s a star about 5,000 light-years from here that scientists now say is the roundest natural object ever measured in the universe.

The Whole Story

Museums are cool. Wherever you go you will surely find amazing, beautiful, weird collections of stuff that someone has pulled together. Even before humans crawled from the muck, we have been creatures that collect.

Scrap Metal Planets

Boulder-based artist Mark Castator (FB) creates planets and moons from hundreds of small scrap metal pieces called “droppings” leftover form other sculpting projects.