The Round Vision: First Anniversary Week

Look Around You
... That's the call to action that launched The Round Museum on June 30, 2016 and the guiding philosophy for the whole museum collection. This week we celebrate our First Anniversary with a new See and Be Seen gallery that recognizes the power of the eye and Round things that represent vision and perception. Because equally as important as the idea look around, is look again -- contemplating the things we see, asking obscure or obvious questions, discovering connections between one thing and another.

Is your world populated by squares or rounds? Does it have sharp corners or smooth graceful curves? Are you a round person caught in a square existence? The Round Museum explores the nature of round things. We all see the world through our particular lens - the many shapes that populate our days and catch our eyes. Circle. Sphere. Coil. Loop. Rounds are everywhere, in the near and far distances from the smallest atom to the grandest orbit, each freighted with meaning and message. Perfection and motion. Protection and unity. Eternity and nothingness.

So how do you look at things? Moons and pies. Apples and suns. Doughnut holes are good. Potholes are bad. Black holes are mysterious. Sinkholes are to be avoided. How can one thing be seen so many different ways? We are linked by common bonds yet separated by countless misperceptions. Thinking one way and acting another. Saying one thing and meaning another. Our vision of what is beautiful and what is mundane can change from moment to moment, especially when we give our attention.

We hope the Galleries of Round you will find exhibited in our Museum inspire you to look around with a different eye.

We share a common geometry.

Observe connections. Create associations.