The Concentric Layers of Baseball

Throw the ball, hit the ball, run to the base before the ball gets there. Simple, right? Baseball may be a simple looking game, but there are complex nuances once you look more closely. Ask any baseball person about any of those simple things and you'll open up a whole host of answers. Throw the ball? How hard? What pitch? Which grip? What spin? Who's at bat? Which way do they hit? Where's the best placement? WHO'S ON FIRST??

Same thing is true with the actual baseball. Simple on the surface, it weighs around five ounces, has a nine inch circumference and has really changed very little in the past hundred years. But did you ever wonder how it is made? Open up the white cowhide cover with red stitching and there are complex, precision-made, concentric layers of cork, rubber and three types of wool yarn underneath. 

Watch The Science Channel's video of baseballs being made here